How To Fix a Foundation Crack Repair

How To Fix a Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks in your house’s foundation are an issue that is commonly overlooked — especially when they are small in size. However, any type of crack in your home should be taken very seriously. If cracks occur, it’s usually a sign that there may be a larger problem ahead and if ignored, cracks will spread and cause more extensive (and costly) damage down the road.

Causes of a Cracked Foundation

It’s uncommon to see a crack in your foundation a week after a home has been newly built. If you do, however, we advise that you contact your builder immediately. If your home ends up showing any cracks down the road, there are usually a few reasons why this may be happening:

Sinking Soil

If your soil is sinking or settling, this can result in cracks forming in your home’s foundation. Unstable or shifted soil around the base of your home can cause the unit to lean or become unbalanced. Soil settlement is common near the perimeter of the foundation since the soil dries the quickest in this area.


The most common reason for cracks in your foundation is your home’s exposure to water. Whether it is plumbing leaks, bad draining situations or maybe even good old Mother Nature subjecting your home to rain or flooding, water is one of the main enemies.

How to Prevent Cracked Foundation 

Install Drains Where Needed

Sometimes we simply don’t have control of our landscapes, which means our yard may create puddles that we cannot control. If you witness this problem, we suggest that you install underground drains that will catch the water and carry it to the edge of your home. 

Clean Your Gutters

A full gutter will result in an overflow that will eventually reach the ground that surrounds the foundation. This is a step that is extremely preventable, not to mention that it will save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Keep Water Low Around a New Foundation

We get it — gardens close to your home are beautiful! However, sometimes they can unfortunately also be damaging your property. We want you to have your garden but we also want you to save yourself any unneeded stress and money! We suggest opting for flowers that don’t require too much water. Doing this will ensure that your flowers are happy, you’re happy and your home is happy.

Hire A Professional

Do not ignore the signs! Even the smallest of cracks can reveal some of the biggest issues. Source a professional to come and evaluate the situation. Ensure that the soil around the home is looked at and take necessary steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Contact our experts to learn more about how to proceed!

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