Benefits of basement underpinning

4 Benefits of Basement Underpinning

When you need more space for your family, building an addition onto your home is not always a feasible option. Your building options may be limited by the size of lot you own or even by the terrain of your property. Basement underpinning is the perfect solution for expanding your home and offers many benefits that improve the overall quality of your basement and home in general.


Basement underpinning, or basement lowering, is the process of vertically extending the space beneath your home while reinforcing the foundation. When increasing the depth of a basement, the soil under the foundation is dug out and concrete sections are then added to strengthen the structure. For basements that have experienced significant degradation, the foundation can be shored up and reinforced to better support additional weight and improve structural reliability.

Basement Underpinning


More Space to Enjoy

Creating additional space for your family to use and enjoy is the most obvious benefit of basement underpinning. In Toronto, many older homes suffer from poorly constructed foundations and limited space (and resources) for new builds. Rather than going into receivership to build your family a new home, a small investment in basement underpinning can dramatically improve the condition of your foundation and allow for building up or down to add liveable space. If you have an existing basement, underpinning allows for the removal of unnecessary walls and load bearing walls can be reinforced in creative, less cramped ways to open the space up. Additionally, your daily life does not have to be interrupted to complete basement underpinning, making it a more enjoyable experience overall.

Improve Structural Integrity and Safety

As mentioned before, basement underpinning creates a more structurally sound foundation for your home. Foundation deterioration can be repaired and reinforced to provide a sturdy and reliable base for your home to rest upon. A recently repaired basement foundation also provides the perfect opportunity to fully waterproof your basement with a full perimeter sealant application and vapour barrier installation. Basement waterproofing is essential for keeping your newly renovated basement dry and mold free.

Experience Better Energy Efficiency

With basement underpinning also comes improved insulation and an opportunity to upgrade windows and doors with more energy efficient options, taking significant stress off your heating and cooling systems. Basement waterproofing also contributes to a reduction in energy use, as moisture and drafts are better controlled.

Increase the Value of Your Property

The number of ways that basement underpinning adds value to your property is nearly limitless. As mentioned, improved energy efficiency, strengthened structural integrity, and the addition of usable living space for your home all contribute to a higher market value rating for your home. Basement underpinning, however, also allows for an inspection of the internal workings of your home, such as electrical wiring or plumbing. Necessary updates can be easily made, which will bring your property up to code. Since basement underpinning is a relatively inexpensive project (especially in comparison to new construction) the return on investment is significant.


Basement underpinning is the ideal home upgrade for those who are budget conscious or are unable to expand their home outward. With basement underpinning you can enjoy a safer, stronger, and more comfortable home.

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