How much does it cost to waterproof a basement in Toronto & GTA?

The cost of basement waterproofing in Toronto dependents on the extent of work that needs to be done. At Waterproofing PD, exterior basement waterproofing starts at $120 per linear ft, and interior basement waterproofing starts at $75 per linear ft.

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In Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, water damage is a common problem in many homes – the high levels of rainfall can create unfavorable conditions for foundations. Thankfully, new technologies in the construction industry have been helpful in shaping how our homes interact with water. In order to prevent the damaging effects of flooding on your home (and your wallet), it would be prudent to invest in basement waterproofing.

Below, we discuss everything you need to know about the cost of basement waterproofing in Toronto and surrounding areas.

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Basement waterproofing types

Exterior basement waterproofing cost

Exterior basement waterproofing is done by excavating the building or house to the foundation wall’s full depth. Excavation is vital because it clears the foundation of any soil or debris. Next, the foundation is waterproofed from the outside by installing waterproof membranes. The membrane is then topped by a drainage panel that lets the water flow to an exterior drain at the base of the foundation.

The cost of exterior basement waterproofing may vary according to the depth of the trench, ease of access to the foundation, and extend of damage. The baseline cost is $120 per linear foot.

Exterior basement waterproofing in Toronto, Ontario

Interior basement waterproofing cost

Interior basement waterproofing is done from the inside of a house and involves the use of waterproofing materials such as a membrane, epoxy injections and sealants, or a drain connected to a sump pump to prevent any flooding in the basement. Interior waterproofing is generally most cost-effective and works well in situations where it is not practical to access the exterior of the foundation in order to install waterproofing materials.

The cost of interior basement waterproofing starts at $75 per linear foot and will vary depending on materials and methods needed. The best interior waterproofing option is to use a waterproof membrane together with a drain and sump pump system that will move water out of the home entirely.

Interior basement waterproofing in Toronto

Factors that determine the cost of basement waterproofing in Toronto

Waterproofing method

As mentioned, exterior waterproofing tends to be more expensive compared to interior waterproofing. However, cost should not be your sole deciding factor when it comes to choosing between interior or exterior waterproofing. If you are aiming for a long-term solution, it is better to go for exterior basement waterproofing. Sealants and waterproof paints may not work as well as extensive exterior waterproofing. Consider the benefits and practicality of each method before settling on which to use.

Foundation depth

The depth of your foundation will impact the overall cost of whichever waterproofing method you settle on. Deeper foundations require more labor and materials. Most foundations are somewhere between 5 and 8 feet deep.

Fixing Cracks & Crack/Foundation Reinforcement

Before the basement is waterproofed, we will have to determine if there are any leaks and what might be causing them. Some solutions, such as epoxy injections, are simpler and more budget friendly. Foundation reinforcement, on the other hand, is a much more extensive process and the cost would reflect that.

Waterproofing materials

The materials to be used also influence cost. Materials will depend on whether you need exterior or interior basement waterproofing solutions or just a foundation crack repair. After we inspect your foundation, we will explain all your options and work with you and your budget to ensure you are well taken care of.

Installation of additional accessories

Accessories such as sump pumps and backwater valves are sometimes required to help drain water away from your house. These are not included in the basic linear foot basement waterproofing cost in Toronto.

Labour & installation

Some installation methods are more labor-intensive than others. For instance, exterior basement waterproofing will cost more than interior basement waterproofing simply because it requires more time and labor to fix the leaky foundation issues.

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    Is It Worth to Waterproof a Basement?

    It is worth to waterproof a basement. If you do not waterproof your basement, you will likely experience floods in extreme weather conditions. Aiding water to seep into the ground properly helps prevent flooding. Waterproofing your basement also helps keeping it dry so it can be used in its fullness without having to worry about flooding.

    Additionally, waterproofing a basement helps reduce the moisture content in a house. Excess moisture makes a house hot in the summer and can cause oxidation and destruction. It is essential to reduce the humidity in your home by waterproofing its foundation.

    Basement waterproofing is a good investment

    Basement waterproofing is a worth-while investment for many reasons. It protects your home’s structural integrity and saves you money in the long run. Leaky basements can cause extreme damage to your home and the repair and replacement costs will undoubtedly begin to add up. Prevention truly is the best course of action.

    Contact our Toronto’s basement waterproofing professionals at Waterproofing PD today to book your free inspection and estimate. We look forward to helping you choose the best basement waterproofing method to fit your needs and your budget.