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Basement Waterproofing Services & Foundation Crack Repair in Hamilton

At Waterproofing PD, we offer ultimate foundation repair and basement waterproofing services in Hamilton, Ontario.

Our Hamilton waterproofing team, equipped with extensive knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art tools, is adept at handling many basement leak issues. Our services include interior and exterior basement waterproofing, careful foundation crack repairs, basement underpinning, sump pumps and egress windows installation and repair.

As your trusted go-to solution for basement waterproofing and foundation repair in Hamilton, we offer free in-home inspections and a detailed service estimate.

Choose Waterproofing PD for top-tier, satisfaction-guaranteed basement leak repair in Hamilton and safeguard your home from the detrimental impacts of water damage.

Our Services

Our comprehensive basement waterproofing services provide an effective shield against moisture, leaks, and foundation issues.


Keep unwanted water out of your home by completely insulating the basement and ensuring total foundation protection.

Starting at $120 per ln/ft

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Protect your home from the inside with interior basement waterproofing that eliminates the damaging effects of water infiltration.

Starting at $75 per ln/ft

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Sump Pump Repair & Maintenance

A high-quality sump pump functions to keep water at bay, protecting your basement from flooding.

Starting at $190 + installation

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Strengthen and reinforce the foundation with basement underpinning so you and your family can get more use out of your space.

Custom pricing

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Wet Basement Inspection & Report

Wet basement inspection report and repair estimate for real estate purchase, home inspection, or insurance purposes.

$325 + HST

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Egress Windows &
Wall Cut-Outs

Make sure your basement meets building codes by having egress windows installed so you could escape the building in case of emergencies.

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Basement Underpinning, Wet Basement Inspection & Report, Egress Windows & Wall Cut-Outs and more.

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About us

With over a decade of expertise in Hamilton, Waterproofing PD stands out for its experienced and certified team of waterproofing experts. Our basement waterproofing and foundation repair professionals are committed to providing long-lasting and efficient solutions to address your wet and leaky basement.

We take great pride in our personalized approach during the consultation and the execution of our basement waterproofing services. This focus on tailored solutions sets us apart from our direct waterproofing competitors in Hamilton, Ontario.

Our dedication at Waterproofing PD is twofold: we are committed to our craftsmanship and team, ensuring reliable and exceptional waterproofing and foundation repair services for homes in Hamilton.

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Why Choose us?

Experienced and trusted by home owners

Experienced & Trusted

Personalized approach and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Certified, insured and bonded


All of our specialists are experienced, licensed and skilled to tackle any job, big or small.

Professional waterproofing materials

The Best Materials

We use only top quality waterproofing materials and tools to achieve the most effective results.

25 Year Warranty


Get up to 25 years of transferable warranty on basement waterproofing that you can depend on.

Same day estimate

Same Day Estimates

We provide an efficient response to your needs with a free estimate within 24 hours.

Fair prices on waterproofing in Toronto

Fair Prices

We pride ourselves on providing affordable solutions and being price competitive.

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    25 Warranty Basement Waterproofing


    Waterproofing PD provides a range of warranty choices for basement waterproofing in Hamilton, Ontario. Our Supreme Waterproofing Package includes an extensive transferable warranty of up to 25 years. Choose Waterproofing PD to confidently address your basement’s dampness and leakage problems, backed by a warranty and a commitment to your satisfaction.

    Opting for Waterproofing PD means selecting top-tier waterproofing solutions in Hamilton. Above all, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction, ensuring you receive the best service possible.

    What is basement waterproofing?

    Basement waterproofing is one of the most important stages in the construction process of any structure and is necessary for buildings in all climatic regions with varying levels of groundwater. If proper basement waterproofing is not done, moisture will inevitably seep in and begin to deteriorate the foundation (which is essential to the structural integrity of your building).

    The simple goal of waterproofing is to keep rain and groundwater away from the foundation. This is done by creating an impermeable hydrophobic barrier that will shield the foundation from the water. Water is prevented from accumulating below ground level through the addition of a drainage system, such as installing a sump pump and weeping tile. If ground water is left to collect, it will create hydrostatic pressure that can push water to burst through the barrier and into your home. There are many health and safety risks associated with a compromised foundation, which is why waterproofing is so important.

    The skilled work of our basement waterproofing Toronto specialists serves to increase the reliability, durability, and safety of your home. Basement waterproofing allows homeowners to avoid potentially expensive and harmful damage to their homes, such as water leaks or development of fungi, mold, mildew. In worst cases, the lack of proper basement waterproofing can cause serious structural damage. At Waterproofing PD, we put into action the most effective basement waterproofing methods in Toronto to ensure that your home is protected from water damage.


    A wet basement may be the result of several different issues. The most common are:

    • buildup of hydrostatic pressure,
    • foundation cracks,
    • overflowing gutters and/or insufficient downspouts,
    • storm sewer backup and,
    • window well seepage.

    There are many routine activities you can implement to avoid basement flooding.

    Removing debris from storm drains, installing window well covers, and cleaning out and redirecting gutters can help a great deal to prevent an accumulation of water around your home’s foundation.

    With the help of Waterproofing PD, you may also want to consider installing a sump pump system to remove excess water and complete full interior and exterior waterproofing.

    The best waterproofing method depends a lot on location, accessibility, and budget. In most cases, exterior basement waterproofing should be the first choice. It is the most extensive and reliable waterproofing method, as it protects your foundation from the outside.

    However, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that do not allow for exterior waterproofing.

    For example, if buildings are too close together the equipment required for exterior waterproofing methods will not fit. In cases like that, interior waterproofing is the ideal solution.

    Contact Waterproofing PD today to determine which waterproofing method will fit your needs the best.

    The cost of basement waterproofing depends on the extent of work that needs to be completed. At Waterproofing PD, exterior basement waterproofing starts at $120 per linear ft and interior basement waterproofing starts at $75 per linear ft. We guarantee competitive pricing and unparalleled service.

    Contact us to get your free estimate today.


    Basement waterproofing gives you the peace of mind that your home is protected from the damaging effects of unwanted water exposure. The investment in basement waterproofing is a small price to pay compared to the potential repair costs if your leaky and wet basement issues are left unaddressed.

    Depending on the type of repair or waterproofing solution required, you can expect anything from one day up to two weeks of work.

    Contact us anytime for your free consultation.

    Basement Waterproofing Benefits

    Protects & Increases The Durability of Your Home

    Implementing basement waterproofing in Hamilton safeguards and extends the durability of materials used in your home’s construction and renovation. This includes everything from the foundation’s thermal insulation to the basement floors. Basement waterproofing enhances these materials’ longevity, safety, and robustness by shielding them from the damaging impacts of water infiltration.

    Provides Resistance to External Influences

    Waterproofing in Hamilton for your wet basement shields your home against external water harm. Additionally, a robust waterproofing and drainage system helps prevent the buildup of hydrostatic pressure that can wreak havoc on your basement floors, walls, and foundation. This proactive measure also helps avoid expenses related to unforeseen leaks in the basement in Hamilton.

    Eliminates Unforeseen Expenses

    You’ll experience significant cost savings over time by waterproofing your wet basement in Hamilton. As a homeowner, you’ll have the assurance that unexpected flooding won’t lead to costly property damage. Remember, being proactive in safeguarding your assets is always more effective than being reactive.

    Prevents Health Issues

    Effective waterproofing in Hamilton’s home is crucial for maintaining a healthy living environment. Residents in homes with wet basements are particularly vulnerable to health issues. Basement waterproofing in Hamilton helps prevent mould, mildew, and fungus growth.

    Improves Energy Efficiency

    Waterproofing in Hamilton aids in maintaining warmth in the lower areas of your home, ensuring consistent heat transfer and reducing humidity levels. Basement waterproofing reduces heating and cooling expenses, enhancing overall comfort in your home.

    Increases Home Value

    A fully waterproof basement undoubtedly boosts your Hamilton home value. It allows for more functional use of the space and opens up possibilities for basement renovations. If you’re considering selling your home in Hamilton, having a waterproof basement can notably increase its market value.

    Hamilton, Ontario

    The city of Hamilton was originally founded by George Hamilton sometime after the War of 1812. It quickly became a busy, industrialized area with steel manufacturing leading the economy. Located along Lake Ontario, the port city is an important part of the Golden Horseshoe (the densely populated region at the west end of the lake). In 2001, the city amalgamated with five other municipalities in the region – Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, and Stoney Creek. 

    Due to the city’s location, the weather patterns are highly variable. The highest recorded temperature was 41.1 ˚C and the lowest was -30.6 ˚C. As you can imagine, inclement weather, including risk of flooding, is not unexpected. As such, it is important to make sure that your home is protected against potential water damage. Contact the professionals at Waterproofing PD for a free estimate on Hamilton basement waterproofing. 

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