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Are you in need of expanding your home and adding more space, but lack the available lot space to make such an addition? Waterproofing PD has the perfect solution – Basement Underpinning! With basement underpinning, you can create extra storage room or additional living space to your Toronto home.

Waterproofing PD is a waterproofing company specializing in basement underpinning services in Toronto. Aside from expanding the useable area of your home, basement underpinning is also an ideal solution if your home frequently faces water damage due to foundation cracks, soil settling, backups or other foundation issues. Undoubtedly, basement underpinning is a worth-while investment that will add functional space and increase the overall value of your home.

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What is basement underpinning?

Basement Underpinning involves strengthening and reinforcing the current foundation of your home. The process is very versatile with numerous advantages for your home. Basement underpinning is used to add extra depth space to the basement by digging under the foundation, creating a firm support level, and then adding concrete sections to reinforce the foundation.

Most commonly, Toronto homeowners choose basement underpinning to increase the ceiling height and area of the basement or crawlspace in their home. However, basement underpinning can also improve the structural integrity of your home’s foundation. The team at Waterproofing PD have the skills and experience to complete the basement underpinning required for your basement visions to come to life.

Basement Underpinning Services in Toronto, ON

Why Basement Underpinning?

Simply put, basement underpinning adds space and height to your basement, fixes foundation issues and adds structural strength and stability to your home. These improvements increase the overall value of your home, making it more user friendly and attractive.

Read below for a comprehensive list of the advantages and benefits of basement underpinning:

Create Additional Useable Space

The process of basement underpinning allows for the increase of the height of the structure and adding extra space in the basement to be used for storage, game rooms, bedrooms, offices…whatever you are dreaming of!

Increase Foundation Strength

For foundations that were poorly constructed to begin with, or ones that have suffered significant damage over the years, basement underpinning can be completed to create a more stable foundation. This type of reinforcement can help maintain the structural reliability when adding a second floor to your house, as the foundation will be equipped to carry the extra load.

Fix Foundation Issues

Older homes are particularly susceptible to problems arising because of sliding soil or inadequate foundation installation techniques. If any damage occurs to the foundation, the structural integrity of the entire home is at risk. With basement underpinning, these issues can be fixed, and the structural stability of the foundation renewed.

Opportunity to Improve Waterproofing Measures

The basement underpinning process also provides the perfect opportunity to complete full exterior basement waterproofing as well as ensure that any foundation cracks are repaired and sealed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few different factors that will be used to determine how much space can be added when completing basement underpinning. Our team of experts will look at the height of the existing foundation walls, the distance between the new slab and the finished soil grade and where the main drain is located.

Interior basement waterproofing is done with basement underpinning.

Fair weather is obviously ideal for completing construction projects such as basement underpinning. Summer months are preferable, but winter is also acceptable. The only real concern is to try avoiding the rainy and wet seasons, as flooding becomes a risk.

We are more than happy to assist you in the process of obtaining the permits required for your Toronto basement underpinning project.

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For any home construction or renovation project, it is important to look at the warranty packages that are offered. Warranty gives the customer peace of mind that the investment they are making is of good quality and will be protected in the case of unforeseen issues. At Waterproofing PD Toronto, we stand behind the work that we do. That is why our basement underpinning services come complete with a 10-year warranty on labor performed, as well as the 25-year transferable warranty for basement waterproofing. We want you to be as confident in our work as we are!

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