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Waterproofing PD is a waterproofing company specializing in high-quality egress window installation and wall cutouts in Toronto and its surroundings. We design and install all types of egress windows according to your needs and your budget without compromising. Our mission is to provide you with the best service possible and protect you as a customer.

The security of your basement is essential for the safety of all members of your family. Current building codes for the protection of the home are based primarily on having an egress window in the basement in case an accident occurs, such as a fire, flood or structural failure.

We perform all types of egress window installations in the Greater Toronto Area and its surroundings. Feel free to contact us for a free inspection and estimate today.

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Egress Window cut out in Toronto, ON

What is an egress window?

An egress window is a window designed to serve as an exit in the event of a fire or other emergency. Building codes have several regulations when it comes to your basement, since the space typically has only one exit, which can be blocked during a home emergency. However, there are additional benefits to adding an egress window to your basement, which can be a good investment for your home.

The most important benefit of adding an egress window to your basement is that it provides an emergency exit for a space. In the event of a fire, you may not be able to escape through your basement stairwell because it is blocked by flames or smoke. Having an egress window provides another means of exit, so you are not trapped in the basement. However, make sure your window meets building codes regarding the proper size for use as an exit window, or you may not be able to pass through it.

Most building codes require an alternate means of egress in a basement if it is to be used as a bedroom. By adding an egress window to your basement, you can legally convert the space into a room. When it comes time to sell your home, its value can increase as there is an additional bedroom for prospective buyers to consider.

Waterproofing PD provides you with the best experience to transform your basement into a livable and safe place for you and your family’s comfort.

What are the requirements for egress windows in Ontario?

According to the Ontario Building Code, the minimum requirements for residential buildings are to have an egress window that has a minimum dimension of 15 inches and an area of 3.8 ft2. This means that basement windows must be large enough to allow a clear path for a person to crawl through in an emergency. When finishing a basement it is typically required to have a basement window cutout in place.

Our specialists at Waterproofing PD are knowledgeable and experienced at installing an egress window in Toronto. Our egress windows will adhere to all of the Building Code requirements and will bring more light and ventilation into your basement.

Egress Window Requirements

44″ max sill height
3.8 sq. ft. min. net-clear opening
15″ min. net-clear height
15″ min. net-clear width

Need a new egress basement window?

Contact Waterproofing PD in Toronto and we will provide you with a free in-home inspection, recommendations and an estimate to install a proper egress window in your basement.

When is a foundation wall cutout required?

Most of the time, to meet all of the size requirements of the building code for an egress window, a foundation wall cutout will be required. The cutout process involves reinforcing to ensure the structural integrity of the structure remains intact and is safe to reside in. In case you would want to add a walk-out door from the basement directly to outside, you would also need a foundation wall cutout. These types of improvements will enable you as a homeowner to safely rent out your basement space, should you wish to do so.

In order to meet all requirements and not jeopardize anyone’s safety, it is vital to have a professional perform this type of work on your home.

Waterproofing PD

We provide full services for any basement window project; servicing all of Greater Toronto Area homes. Having an egress window is a vital component for a having a habitable basement.

Waterproofing PD guarantees an efficient installation of your basement window without compromising your budget. Our team works to find the right solution specifically for your home, and install egress window best suitable for your space.

We are proficient in the Building Code of Ontario and are licensed, performing work that will make your home safe, reliable and free to enjoy.

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