Basement Egress Window Installation in Toronto

Waterproofing PD specializes in high-quality egress window installation and wall cutouts in Toronto and its surroundings. We design and install all types of egress windows according to your needs and your budget without compromising. Our mission is to provide the best service possible and protect you as a customer.

The security of your basement is essential for the safety of all family members. The current Ontario Building Code for the protection of the home is based primarily on having an egress window in the basement in case an accident occurs, such as a fire, flood or structural failure.

We perform all types of egress window installations in the Greater Toronto Area and its surroundings. Feel free to contact us today to get a free inspection and estimate.

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What is an egress window?

An egress window is a window large enough, as defined by the Ontario Building Code, to serve as an emergency exit from a building space, particularly from below-ground rooms such as basements. Its design provides a safe escape route during emergencies, such as fires, and allows entry for emergency personnel.

The requirements for egress windows vary by location but typically include minimum dimensions for width, height, and total opening area to ensure occupants can easily use them in an emergency. In addition to serving as a critical safety feature, egress windows provide natural light and ventilation, improving the livability of basement spaces and potentially increasing the home’s value.

Furthermore, building codes typically mandate a secondary egress point in basements utilized as living spaces. Thus, installing an egress window meets legal requirements and permits the transformation of your basement into a legitimate bedroom. This conversion can substantially enhance your home’s market value, offering an additional bedroom to entice future buyers.

Egress Window cut out in Toronto, ON

What are the requirements for egress windows in Ontario?

According to the Ontario Building Code, residential buildings must have an egress window with a minimum dimension of 15 inches and an area of 3.8 ft2. This means that basement windows must be large enough to allow a clear path for a person to crawl through in an emergency. When finishing a basement, a basement window cutout is typically required.

Our specialists at Waterproofing PD are knowledgeable and experienced in installing an egress window in Toronto. Our egress windows will adhere to all the Building Code requirements and bring more light and ventilation into your basement.

Egress Window Requirements

44″ max sill height
3.8 sq. ft. min. net-clear opening
15″ min. net-clear height
15″ min. net-clear width

Need a new egress basement window?

Contact Waterproofing PD in Toronto, and we will provide you with a free in-home inspection, recommendations, and an estimate for installing a proper egress window in your basement.

Cost to install egress window in the basement in Toronto & Ontario

The cost of installing an egress window in a basement in Ontario varies depending on the extent of the work required. For a basic installation that involves cutting down the foundation wall above the ground level without digging or installing a window well, the cost is approximately $1,800. This option is less invasive and suitable if the existing basement structure allows such an installation.

A more comprehensive installation, which includes the creation of a new full foundation wall cutout, installing lintels (support beams), waterproofing, supplying and installing the egress window, and adding a window well, the costs start at approximately $6,000. This option becomes necessary when there is a need for a significant modification of the basement’s structure to accommodate the egress window, ensuring compliance with safety and Ontario Building Code regulations. The price reflects the intricate process and labor involved in effectively integrating the window with the existing foundation and implementing measures to prevent water ingress and ensure the overall structural integrity of the installation.

The egress window installation cost can vary based on project specifics, such as the size and type of the egress window, the condition of the basement wall, and additional waterproofing requirements. Also, it’s important to consider any finishing work or landscaping changes needed due to the window well installation. For an accurate estimate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to assess your project and receive a detailed quote.

When is a foundation wall cutout required?

When creating a foundation wall cutout for an egress window, it’s essential to adhere to the specific size requirements outlined in the building code. This means the cutout process involves strategically reinforcing the surrounding structure to maintain its integrity and ensure a safe living environment. Furthermore, if you have plans to install a walk-out door from the basement directly to the outside, a foundation wall cutout becomes necessary. These improvements not only enhance the usability of the space but also allow homeowners to rent out their basement area safely and legally.

It is imperative to enlist the expertise of a qualified professional to carry out this type of work. Professionals are well-versed in meeting all the requirements, and their knowledge and experience are crucial in ensuring the safety and compliance of the project.

Egress Window by Waterproofing PD

We provide complete services for any basement window project, servicing all Greater Toronto Area homes. An egress window is a vital component of a habitable basement.

Waterproofing PD guarantees an efficient basement window installation without compromising your budget. Our team works to find the right solution specifically for your home and install the egress window best suited for your space.

We are proficient in the Building Code of Ontario and licensed. We perform work that will make your home safe, reliable, and free to enjoy.

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