A wet basement may be the result of several different issues. The most common are:

  • buildup of hydrostatic pressure,
  • foundation cracks,
  • overflowing gutters and/or insufficient downspouts,
  • storm sewer backup and,
  • window well seepage.

There are many routine activities you can implement to avoid basement flooding.

Removing debris from storm drains, installing window well covers, and cleaning out and redirecting gutters can help a great deal to prevent an accumulation of water around your home’s foundation.

With the help of Waterproofing PD, you may also want to consider installing a sump pump system to remove excess water and complete full interior and exterior waterproofing.

The best waterproofing method depends a lot on location, accessibility, and budget. In most cases, exterior basement waterproofing should be the first choice. It is the most extensive and reliable waterproofing method, as it protects your foundation from the outside.

However, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that do not allow for exterior waterproofing.

For example, if buildings are too close together the equipment required for exterior waterproofing methods will not fit. In cases like that, interior waterproofing is the ideal solution.

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The cost of basement waterproofing depends on the extent of work that needs to be completed. At Waterproofing PD, exterior basement waterproofing starts at $120 per linear ft and interior basement waterproofing starts at $75 per linear ft. We guarantee competitive pricing and unparalleled service.

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Basement waterproofing gives you the peace of mind that your home is protected from the damaging effects of unwanted water exposure. The investment in basement waterproofing is a small price to pay compared to the potential repair costs if your leaky and wet basement issues are left unaddressed.

Depending on the type of repair or waterproofing solution required, you can expect anything from one day up to two weeks of work.

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There are lots of DIY waterproofing products on the market, however many of them are temporary solutions. A trained and well-experienced professional can guarantee the proper products and methods are being used, to ensure that your home is fully protected from the damaging effects of water infiltration.

Exterior waterproofing involves several steps, including excavation of the soil around your home. Simple projects may be able to be completed within a day or two. However, some more serious projects (i.e. ones where foundation cracks must be repaired before moisture barriers can be installed) may take up to two weeks to complete.

Exterior basement waterproofing is a long-term solution to water problems. We offer a 25-year transferable warranty on our waterproofing, guaranteeing lasting protection.

The time and materials required to complete the job are all figured into the final cost of waterproofing. At Waterproofing PD, exterior basement waterproofing starts at $120 per lineal foot.

The final cost of interior waterproofing will depend on several factors, such as labor, materials required and the extent of pre-existing damage to the foundation. At Waterproofing PD, interior basement waterproofing starts at $75 per lineal foot. We offer free in-home inspections complete with a full estimate on cost, so there will not be any surprises.

Depending on the extent of work required, waterproofing can be completed in as little as one day. Interior waterproofing in general is less disruptive than exterior waterproofing and is often done more quickly.

In short – yes! Interior waterproofing protects your home from the damaging and corrosive effects of water infiltration. A basement that is shielded from dampness is far more appealing to homeowners than one that is inhabitable because of excess moisture.

There are a few different factors that will be used to determine how much space can be added when completing basement underpinning. Our team of experts will look at the height of the existing foundation walls, the distance between the new slab and the finished soil grade and where the main drain is located.

Interior basement waterproofing is done with basement underpinning.

Fair weather is obviously ideal for completing construction projects such as basement underpinning. Summer months are preferable, but winter is also acceptable. The only real concern is to try avoiding the rainy and wet seasons, as flooding becomes a risk.

We are more than happy to assist you in the process of obtaining the permits required for your Toronto basement underpinning project.

If you have a basement – or any part of your house is underground, such as a cellar or crawl space – you likely should have a sump pump installed. Any structure that is below ground level runs the risk of being flooded unless preventative measures, like a sump pump, are put in place.

A back-up sump pump is not a requirement, especially if you are performing regular maintenance on your existing sump pump. However, if you are interested in back-up, it is certainly something that can be discussed.

There are two main types of sump pumps – submersible and pedestal. Pedestal sump pumps are generally less energy efficient and louder than submersible ones. The submersible sump pumps are just that – submersible. They are usually completely covered in the sump basin.


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