Repair & Installation of Sump Pumps in Toronto & GTA

Waterproofing PD offers repair and installation services for sump pumps in Toronto and surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide you with the highest-quality sump pump products and services as possible, so that your Toronto home is protected against flood damage.

As a Toronto homeowner, it is likely the only time you have had to think about your sump pump is if it has malfunctioned, leaving your home susceptible to flooding. While you are not alone, this reactive approach to water infiltration management is less than ideal. The best approach is a proactive one that includes performing regular maintenance and repairs on sump pump systems. If your home does not have a sump pump at all, it is crucial to get one installed as soon as possible.

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Toronto subsidy program

Toronto subsidy program

The Basement Flood Protection Subsidy Program created by the City of Toronto assists homeowners in accessing the necessary services for their homes to decrease the threat of basement flooding. The subsidy provides all eligible candidates a rebate of 80% of all associated costs, up to $3,400 per home, for installation or replacement services of backwater valves, sump pumps and disconnection of foundation drains.

How much will you get?

  • Backwater valve: up to $1,250 for installation and replacement of backwater valve and installation of alarm
  • Sump Pump: up to $1,750 for installation and replacement of sump pump; installation of alarm and back-up power.
  • Disconnection of foundation drains: up to $400 for severing and capping underground sewer connection.

As a resident of the Greater Toronto Area, unpredictable weather and instances of heavy rainfall should come as no surprise. In this region, there are predictions for even greater precipitation in coming years. It is crucial to prepare for these changing conditions and ensuring that your home is fully protected against water damage by taking advantage of the subsidy program.

It is also important to choose a contractor that you can rely on to complete sump pump installation and repairs services for your home. At Waterproofing PD, we efficiently install sump pumps and back water valves in accordance with the Subsidy Program requirements. If you have any questions, we will gladly help you with the application process to ensure that you receive the full rebate amount that you are eligible for.

The Best Sump Pumps

A good, high-quality sump pump is a reliable mechanical device that will last you for a long time. As with all mechanical devices, they require proper installation and maintenance to protect against unwarranted damage and ensure that they function as they should.

A cheaply produced sump pump, while seemingly attractive budget wise, does not guarantee the same level of protection against flooding. Our team at Waterproofing PD provides only the best available sump pump services the Toronto market has to offer, complete with a modern design and high-quality construction.

Liberty sump pump

Sump Pump Installation

For new sump pump services, we verify that everything is installed efficiently and effectively. Even the best sump pumps can malfunction over time if they are not properly installed. We ensure that our installation services reflect our customer service guarantee.

Sump Pump Maintenance

Once a high-quality sump pump is installed with all the necessary components, the next key step is planning routine maintenance.

During their lifetime, sump pumps are faced with several operating challenges such as high water pressure, varying sizes of dirt and debris particles, and power outages or surges.

Taking care of your sump pump regularly is what is what will guarantee its effective performance for many years ahead. Our maintenance services include testing the efficiency of the sump pump, checking the power supply, making sure the pipes are free of any blockage, and cleaning of the sump pump.

If you are ever in any doubt about the condition of your sump pump, do not hesitate to contact us at Waterproofing PD.


Why Do Sump Pumps Need Regular Servicing?

We strongly recommend that a thorough inspection is carried out once per year to ensure that the that all parts are in good condition.

If there are any parts requiring attention, they can be serviced or repaired to prevent a possible malfunction.

Benefits of annual sump pump maintenance:

Validate your Insurance

Documented annual sump pump maintenance is proof that you have taken preemptive action to limit the risk of flooding in your basement. Should you ever require making an insurance claim, this evidence of risk mitigation should help the process go more smoothly.

Maintain in Proper Working Condition

Preventive sump pump maintenance will help keep your pump running exactly as it should. Like with many things, a little bit of care and attention now means that your sump pump will last a lot longer.

Keep humidity levels low

By regularly checking that your sump pump is free of any blockages, you can be sure that it continues to keep floodwater at bay and therefore mitigate moisture issues.

Reduce risk of mold

Dirt, sand, and debris can all find their way into your sump pump. The dirtier your sump pump, the more likely that harmful bacteria such as mold will begin to grow. With annual sump pump cleaning and maintenance, the buildup of grime can easily be removed.

Peace of Mind

Maintaining your sump pump in good condition is easy. Dealing with the consequences of basement flooding because of a failed sump pump? Not so easy. Give yourself the peace of mind that your sump pump is in good working condition by having a routine maintenance schedule in place.

Need a sump pump service?

Contact Waterproofing PD today and we will provide you with a free in-home inspection and a complete estimate to install a high-quality sump pump in your basement.

Why choose Waterproofing PD for sump pump services in Toronto?

At Waterproofing PD, we use only the best designed sump pumps to be installed in your home. We never look for ways to cut corners and provide only the best materials and use the most advanced and efficient techniques. Our materials and strategies is what will guarantee that the sump pump will continue to work like new for a very long time.

When rainfall hits and the potential risk of flooding is looming, with the help of our team at Waterproofing PD you can feel sure that your home is as safe as can be. We provide installations and replacements of sump pumps, backwater valves, alarms and more, for residents of all of Greater Toronto Area.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have a basement – or any part of your house is underground, such as a cellar or crawl space – you likely should have a sump pump installed. Any structure that is below ground level runs the risk of being flooded unless preventative measures, like a sump pump, are put in place.

    A back-up sump pump is not a requirement, especially if you are performing regular maintenance on your existing sump pump. However, if you are interested in back-up, it is certainly something that can be discussed.

    There are two main types of sump pumps – submersible and pedestal. Pedestal sump pumps are generally less energy efficient and louder than submersible ones. The submersible sump pumps are just that – submersible. They are usually completely covered in the sump basin.