It is agreed that Waterproofing PD IS NOT responsible for:

  1. Damage sustained to the customer’s property as a result of or obtaining access to and exposing plumbing, drains or foundation walls.
  2. Additional work beyond that specifically mentioned in this estimate and proposal including, but not limited to, which may be required because of the existing plumbing or building code violations or additional work revealed to be necessary as a result of performing the specified work.
  3. Any repairs, installations, removal or replacement of concrete paving, asphalt and other wall brick, stonework, extensions, steel or other frameworks, AC units, plants, trees, shrubs, grass or landscaping unless specified in this contract.
  4. All clients must provide a deposit agreed with the technician prior to the start of work.
  5. Waterproofing PD will not be held responsible for any damage to the property that has not been discussed with homeowners/landlords, prior to the start of the job. The workers will not be accountable for any structural damages of the premises while providing services.
  6. The company will not be liable for the discovery and/or removal of mold or any other hazardous or toxic materials found within the home or during the services.

Payment Terms:

All payments are due on completion of the work. In the event customer fails to make payment according to the terms and conditions appearing on the reverse side hereof, the company may charge interest on the unpaid balance at the highest permissible legal rate of interest allowed by court. Customer accepts full responsibility for the prompt payment in full costs of this agreement, even though customer may intend to obtain reimbursement from others such as landlords, tenants or insurance companies. This proposal and said specifications shall not to be altered or
modified except by written agreement between the parties hereto. Any verbal understanding or agreements with representatives shall not be binding unless specified.

All credit card payments are subject to 2% processing Fee.

In the event where a payment such us a cheque will be refused at bank due to insufficient funds, the client will be billed $50.00 for NSF and will be responsible for providing a payment in another form such as cash or credit card.

Limited Service Warranty:

We undertake to repair any defect in our workmanship and material for period stated in this invoice from the date of completion of our work provided all work has been paid in full and conditions listed above have been satisfactory.

Purchaser understands that Waterproofing PD’s liability under this warranty is limited to repair, replacement, and does not cover property damage resulting from drains which become clogged or from plumbing work which fails during the agreed upon warranty period.

Sump pumps and sewage pumps are covered under separate manufacture warranty. Frozen discharge or damage caused by frozen discharge is not covered by manufacture warranty or Waterproofing PD warranty.